The Independent, about Dr Laurence Kirwan’s executive facelifts

Dr Laurence Kirwan’s biography published on WIKIPEDIA gives an overview of his professional achievements and personal ethics.

No time for surgery? Don’t worry, executive facelifts are here

 Nips and tucks » Radical new operating techniques are aimed at executives who want the knife in a hurry. By Steve Bloomfield
 Sunday 25 September 2005

Plastic surgeons are banking on the new wave of gentler and less intrusive procedures to woo those who have previously been put off by fears over long-term scars and length of recovery time.

The new procedures will be highlighted at Britain’s largest cosmetic surgery event, the Body Beautiful Show in London’s Olympia today. New forms of liposuction, such as liposelection, will also be featured. The new breast surgery, known as “auto augmentation”, uses a patient’s own tissue to fill the breast instead of an implant. Tissue is taken from the lower part of the breast and inserted higher up. It was developed by Dr Laurence Kirwan last year. “It restores the loss of fullness in the upper breast and reduces the scarring,” the British surgeon said. “The patient will not have to come back for another surgery in a few years’ time and they do not have to worry about an implant. The breast becomes perkier, fuller and firmer.”

Dr Kirwan has also developed an “executive facelift”. “Traditionally there is a very disfiguring scar going back behind the hairline. This stops just behind the ear,” Dr Kirwan said. A patient can return to work after 10 days, rather than the month they would need following a standard facelift.

Dr Roberto Viel from Italy, who has brought liposelection to Britain, said that new technology enables the surgeon to pinpoint fat cells more precisely. Ultrasound waves are used to melt individual fat cells, allowing the fat to be sucked out without damaging nearby tissue. “The result will be better aesthetically and there will also be a quicker recovery time for the patient,” he said. “With traditional liposculpture you need five to six weeks before you are ready for the beach. With liposelection it can be only a couple of weeks.”

More than 5,000 people are expected to attend the Body Beautiful Show this weekend. The event has come under fire from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for offering vouchers and prizes for treatment. Adam Searle, president of the association and a consultant plastic surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, said: “I would be very nervous if anyone was pressured or enticed into having treatments without fully understanding the procedure.”

But Mark Brewster, the event director, insisted that every clinic or company at the show had been vetted and approved. “People should never be rushed or coerced into a life-changing decision,” he said. “The market has developed at a frightening rate. There are so many new treatments available now. An event like this helps people to understand what is on offer.”

The private health insurer Bupa was criticised by the association for appointing sales reps paid on commission, while Transform Medical Group – the largest provider of plastic surgery in Britain – was attacked for offering patients loyalty cards.

‘I went shopping threedays after my facelift’

Frances Baker, 59, who lives in Norfolk, had an “executive facelift” at Dr Laurence Kirwan’s clinic in New York.

I was looking old – everything goes down. I had it for my birthday – it was my present to me.

But I did not want a long, drawn-out procedure with a long recuperation period. It was fantastic. I was able to go out after three days and do some shopping. I only had one small bruise on my chin that could easily be covered up with make up – you could hardly see it.

It is not such a traumatic procedure – it is more gentle. My face was not swollen and there were no staples to have taken out. It was all dissolvable stitches.

It makes one look a bit fresher. It does not completely change the way I look. It is very soft and very natural.


This is Somerset, about Dr Laurence Kirwan: Face-lifting makes way to face-shaping

Dr Laurence Kirwan’s biography published on WIKIPEDIA gives an overview of his professional achievements and personal ethics.Face-lifting makes way to face-shaping

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Western Gazette – North Dorset


THE facelift may be going out of style.

More and more people are opting for face-shaping, which involves patients getting implants to help give volume and contours to the face.

World-renowned surgeon, Dr Laurence Kirwan, says: “Plastic surgery, like everything else, is constantly evolving. ‘Facelift’ is seen as a bit of an old-fashioned term nowadays. People think of their grandmothers and mothers going for facelifts. They want something more modern that reflects a newer way of thinking.”

It is thought that the procedure takes less of a toll on the patient with shorter recovery time and requires less anaesthetic. According to Dr Kirwan, it also doesn’t carry any of the negative connotations of a facelift. 

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“We all know that one person who has had one too many facelifts and has ended up looking a bit stretched, and in some cases not even looking like themselves anymore,” he said.

“With face-shaping, there is no danger of that because it doesn’t involve taking anything away from the face, like skin. It involves adding to the face, which gives it contour.”

Facial implants are available in a variety of sizes and styles for the chin, jaw, nose and cheeks.

Dr Kirwan says: “Compared to the long recovery time of a facelift, face reshaping will have people back to their regular routines much quicker.”

Results of shaping are essentially permanent, meaning there’s no need to keep getting procedures done every few years. As with all procedures, Dr Kirwan added, the main thing is how it makes people feel about themselves.

“It doesn’t just change people’s appearance, it changes the way they feel about themselves and how they present themselves to the outside world,” he said.

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Dr. Laurence Kirwan – Face lift

Dr Laurence Kirwan
Dr Kirwan

Dr Laurence Kirwan

Dr Laurence Kirwan

Dr Laurence Kirwan’s biography published on WIKIPEDIA gives an overview of his professional achievements and personal ethics.

Coming soon: Laurence Kirwan ‘s algorithm for face-lifting, a step wise guide to procedures for facial rejuvenation

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by Dr. Laurence Kirwan

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by Laurence Kirwan

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by Laurence Kirwan

 Definition: Rejuvenation of the lower face from the temples to the lower neck.

Age: From 30 years old and up.

 Dr Kirwan’s surgical technique: The extra skin is removed. Fat is suctioned from the jowls and under the chin. The muscles in the face and neck are tightened. The cheek fat is elevated to a youthful level recreating the cheek highlights. The incisions are placed inside and behind the ear so that you can wear your hair back. The sideburn is left in its youthful position.

Dr Laurence Kirwan’s philosophy: Think of cosmetic surgery as maintenance surgery. Stay fresh and young looking with regular procedures.

Waiting until you are 65 and going in for the “works” expecting to come out looking natural is unrealistic. But if you already had a facelift at 45 or 50, then you will look good after a second facelift at 65. Those who ignore this advice may need a mini- facelift 18 months after surgery to tighten the skin again.

Surgical time and recovery fot Dr Laurence Kirwan’s face lift: Surgery takes about 2-3 hours. Stitches are out after 9 days. The patient can go back to work at 10-14 days.

Dr Laurence Kirwan’s related procedures: The most frequent related procedures are blepharoplasty and browlift. A chin implant corrects a receding chin. Alloderm lip implants restore a thin aging lip and a nasal tip-plasty will elevate the end of the nose to a youthful level and reduce a bulbous tip.

Adjuncts to facial rejuvenation: advices from Prof. Laurence Kirwan.

Facial aging involves loss of cheek and chin projection due to descent of the fat pads over the cheek and chin regions. In addition, in the chin area, the sagging of skin in the neck and often a pre-existing obtuse angle between the neck and jaw line, contribute to the loss of definition. Using implants in facial rejuvenation can help.

For the last 15 years Laurence Kirwan has used solid silicone implants. They are stable and imperceptible when placed immediately next to the bone. They can also be easily removed or replaced.

Cheek implants can augment the effects of a facelift and can be used either to elevate the cheek bones alone using a standard malar implant, or they can be used to augment the cheeks as well as filling in any hollowness in the dimple area. An extended implant is used in this case. Occasionally only the dimple area is treated using a “submalar implant”.

Dr. Kirwan thinks chin implants are especially helpful in the case of facelift patients with loss of neck definition or a flat contour to the front of the chin.

One of the signs of ageing is an enlargement of the nasal tip cartilages and a drop of the tip giving a hooked appearance. As the tip descends, the bridge of the nose appears more pronounced. Dr. Laurence Kirwan considers minor refinements of the nose can make a big difference. The tip cartilages can be reduced and the tip is elevated. The bridge of the nose is shaved without breaking the nasal bones. The effect is subtle but overall a definite boost to the facial improvement.

These procedures can be performed at the same time as face-lift.

1) Cheek Implants by Laurence Kirwan

Can be performed at the same time as a facelift or as a separate procedure. An incision is made inside the mouth just above the incisor tooth. A pocket is made along the bone and over the cheek area. An implant is placed in the pocket and sometimes secured with a stitch that comes through the skin or an internal stitch. The incision is closed with absorbable stitches.

After surgery the swelling increase for 2-3 days and then recedes. Most swelling is gone after 7-10 days but the appearance will continue to change for up to 12 months as the tissue reshapes around the implant.

2) Chin Implants by Dr. Laurence Kirwan

Usually performed at the same time as a facelift or as a separate procedure. A small incision is made under the chin. A pocket is made along the bone. An implant is placed in the pocket and secured with an internal stitch. The incision is closed with stitches which are removed 5 days later.

After surgery the swelling increase for 2-3 days and then recedes. Most swelling is gone after 7-10 days but the appearance will continue to change for up to 12 months as the tissue reshapes around the implant.

Nasal rejuvenation surgery by Prof. Kirwan

Usually performed at the same time as a facelift or as a separate procedure. Incisions are made inside the nose and the tip cartilages are visualised and reduced so as to give a more defined tip.

Sometimes an “open” approach is used which means that an additional incision is made in the skin between the nostrils on the under-surface of the nose. This allows more control of the final shape of the nasal tip. The nostrils can be narrowed by excising a wedge of the nostril rim in the crease at the side of the nose leaving a scar which is usually barely visible. The cartilage and bone of the bridge of the nose is shaved either through the internal incisions alone or through the open approach. The incision is closed with stitches which are removed 5 days later. A simple tape dressing is applied and left in place for 2-5 days.

After surgery the swelling increase for 2-3 days and then recedes. Most swelling is gone after 14 days but the appearance will continue to change for at least 12 months. Nasal tips in particular will remain swollen for several months and may take 6-12 months to see the optimal result.

More information for Professor Laurence Kirwan’s facial Plastic surgery procedures.

Laurence Kirwan, MD, FRCS, FACS,  a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, specializes in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the face, breast and body.Professor Kirwan was born in Liverpool and graduated from the Victoria University of Manchester. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He also trained in General Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Dr. Laurence Kirwan training in Plastic Surgery was undertaken in University of Missouri, Kansas City, and in Hand Surgery at the University of Colorado in Denver.  He has a Plastic Surgery practice in Manhattan Park Avenue, New York and Norwalk Connecticut in the United States (USA) and in Harley Street London, England, UK (United Kingdom). He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS). Prof. Laurence Kirwan has been in private practice in the United States in Connecticut and New York since 1987. He has practiced in the United Kingdom since 1998. He is a Clinical Instructor for the Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary, where he is a Member of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery section. In 1996 Laurence Kirwan was appointed a Professor of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (University of Belgrade.) at the International School of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.Dr Kirwan has been named one of the Best Plastic Surgeons in the Tatler  Guide to Cosmetic Surgery in 2004, 2007,2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. His patient, Ulrika Jonsson, a UK media celebrity and author, was featured on the cover of Hello Magazine after her breast reduction surgery by Prof. Kirwan, in 2009. The London Evening Standard has nominated him as one the 1000 Most Influential Londoners in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He is listed in Debrett’s ‘People of Today’  and was also named as one of the Top 20 Plastic Surgeons, Worldwide in the January 2006 issue of Russian Vogue.

Prof. Laurence Kirwan has published extensively in journals (Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgey, Reserarch Gate) ) and books related to Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery and taught Instructional Courses and participated in Expert Panels at National and International Scientific Meetings such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Laurence Kirwan has written several books, including The Cutting Edge,:(Artnik, 2004) ISBN 1-903906-22-9 My Mole Book – a guidebook for children, explaining what happens when stitches or a mole are removed and, My Life So Far, a biography of Ophelia Kirwan, his daughter with Down Syndrome. These are all available either through Artnik Publishers or He was featured in several others such as Plastic Surgery: The Worlds’ Top Surgeons and Clinics (Beyond Black Publications, 2007)  and The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon (Harper Collins, 2007).

Professor Laurence Kirwan’s philosophy is never to do so much that the patient looks unnatural and never to do too little so that improvement is only in the eye of the beholder. His constant goal is to improve the aesthetics and quite simply create ageless beauty, whether it be a harmony of form or a recreation of youthful features.

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The Madison Board  |  Laurence Kirwan MD FRCS FACS – Plastic surgery – New York, New York 

Laurence Kirwan MD, FRCS, FACS, is a recognised international leader in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He offers a superior level of knowledge, care and understanding to help you achieve the improvement you desire.

Professor Kirwan has clinics in Harley Street, London and in New York and Connecticut, USA.  He specialises in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the face, breast and body.

Laurence Kirwan was born in Liverpool, England. He graduated in Medicine in 1974 from Manchester University, and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1979.

Kirwan spent over six years training in General Surgery in England, Australia and the United States. To become a Plastic Surgeon he completed residencies at the University of Colorado in Denver, Colorado and at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), who also awarded him a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand.

Today, Prof. Kirwan is widely regarded as an expert in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and body, and has published many original scientific papers, which can be read on his website:   He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Professor of Plastic Surgery of the International School of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the University of Belgrade.

Prof. Kirwan is a trainer and speaker for Restylane, Perlane, Dysport and Sculptra and has given over 10 courses at the Annual Scientific Meetings of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).  ASAPS invited him to present a course on ‘Adjunctive Techniques in Aesthetic Breast Surgery’ at its Annual Scientific Meeting in 2010.  He has also been an invited expert panelist at many other international Plastic Surgery meetings.

Prof. Kirwan believes strongly in sharing his expertise and knowledge in order to raise the general standards of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  He teaches at the Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary and regularly mentors Plastic Surgeons in training in the UK.

The January 2006 issue of Russian Vogue listed Professor Kirwan as one of the Top 20 Plastic Surgeons, worldwide. He was named one of Tatler magazine’s Top Surgeons in their 2004/07/08/09 and 2010 Cosmetic Surgery Guide and was included in London’s 1,000 Most Influential People report, published by the Evening Standard in 2007/08/09.  Prof. Kirwan also featured in The World’s Top Surgeons & Clinics, published by Beyond Black Publications.

Professor Kirwan has featured in over a 100 magazines and newspaper articles around the world. He has treated many celebrities and was referred to as Ulrika Jonsson’s surgeon in several publications, having reduced and lifted her breasts as well as performing axilla-plasty on her under arms, which is one of his own procedures. Kirwan is, however, well known for his discretion in treating many people in the public eye who prefer to avoid publicity.

He has published three books: The Cutting Edge, about Plastic Surgery; My Mole Book – a guidebook for children, explaining what happens when stitches or a mole are removed and, My Life So Far, a biography of Ophelia Kirwan, his daughter with Down Syndrome. These are all available either through Artnik Publishers or

Laurence Kirwan is a member of these professional organizations: 

• The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) external link
• The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) external link
• British Medical Association external link

Prof. Kirwan holds these credentials:

• Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery external link
• Specialist Register, Plastic Surgery, Republic of Ireland
• Specialist Register, Plastic Surgery, Finland
• Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England external link
• Fellow of the American College of Surgeons external link
• Professor of Plastic Surgery, International School of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 1996

Hospital affiliations:

• New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York, New York USA external link
• Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, Connecticut USA external link
• Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, Connecticut USA external link
• Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth, London, England external link
• London Welbeck Hospital, London, England external link
• Princess Grace Hospital, London, England external link